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The inherent quality of MORALFIBRE fabrics allow air circulation naturally and they absorb body’s moisture three times more than other fabrics, making them a cool and comfortable against the body in summer and by using layers they keep the body warmth trapped within them in winter. The feel and wear-ability of the cloth improves with every wash. Our allergy free fabrics, along with natural dyes is are said to have healing qualities. They cloth is are completely made of biodegradable materials. The fabrics are made without using finite energy and resources so that they make less negative impact on the environment. Unlike other industrially manufactured woven and knitted ones, these hand crafted fabrics making involve hand spinning and hand weaving using ‘people energy’ instead. This has far reaching economic and social benefits to the artisans. MORALFIBRE is a registered member of Fair Trade Forum India, a part of WFTO – Asia. So far over 2500 artisans, mainly women working in remote villages have been helped by this initiative. Today with growing concerns about Global Warming and Climate Change, this unique way of fabric hand crafting is a clean energy initiative.

MORALFIBRE produces hand spun hand woven Fabrics, Furnishings and Feel-Well-Fashions in 100% cotton, silk, wool and blends. Our record of social and economic sustainability is intact. The marketing strategy is generally business-to-business B2B. The buyer profile can be best described as garment manufacturers, producers of ethical and sustainable wear, buyers of furnishing materials and products, designers etc. The buyers also include institutions, clubs and resorts, spas, fitness centers, hotels, hospitals, boutiques, charities as well as industrial and educational institutions. We have full capabilities in choice of fabrics, designing, manufacturing and tailoring facilities international standards as well as designing and making of fabric embellishments, all in a sustainable environment. Order size can be from 250 meters to 10,000 meters. Recently MORALFIBRE is venturing into E-commerce and retail.


NO use of electricity or CO2 emission – almost!

NO pollution of earth, water and sky

NO wastage of water – less than one third water consumption

NO sweatshops or exploitation of workers

NO child labour

Thousands of spinners and weavers live with dignity and pride earning their living by personal skill and knowledge, maintaining a living heritage creating zero poverty and zero pollution world.

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"When working on the costumes for the upcoming film "Pan" for Warner Brothers, I was looking for fabrics to use on the principal character "Hook". In the movie, Hook is discovered working in a mine, and the style of his costume is based on 19th century American miner's clothing.

Finding fabrics that look authentically 19th century is very difficult. When we chanced upon MORALFIBRE we were delighted! There are many reasons why the fabrics work so well for us. First and foremost, the fact that the fabrics are hand woven gives them both a look and a feel that is difficult to match with machine manufactured cloth. Shailini has a keen eye, which succeeds in transforming what may appear to be a simple set of stripes, into something that is truly unique. The traditional, artisanal hand methods used to weave these fabrics, married with natural dyes and an array of patterns, is why we keep turning to MORALFIBRE for a variety of period costumes.

As a matter of principal our costume department is trying to be conscious of the source of the fabrics we use, to always support sustainable manufacture and to choose fair-trade whenever we have the opportunity. The ethical stand that MORALFIBRE has taken is such an important move in the fabric world. It is a pleasure to support this initiative and we look forward to working with them again in the future."

MORALFIBRE has supplied costume fabrics for three high powered Hollywood films: Warner Bros. PAN, Walt Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and Warner Bros. 'HARRY POTTER – THE PREQUEL'

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