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The making of MORALFIBRE has two aspects to it. To develop environmentally friendly fabrics and clothing based on hand-spun, hand-woven techniques of fabric making and to make the process of fabric making socio0-economically sustainable. MORALFIBRE is set up to ‘promote and sell’ the MORALFIBRE label of fabrics, furnishings and clothing, locally and globally in home and health markets. It uses natural materials like cotton, silk and wool, to the highest specifications and quality.

The Environment

There are several things we need to do to create a truly environmentally friendly material. We believe in a ‘Cradle to Cradle‘ approach of living. Ideally all processes, products and by-products at all stages of production of fabric and clothing should nourish and enhance the environment rather than damage it. There is a great need to explore several aspects of the existing ‘Khadi ‘industry (the hand-spun, hand-woven craft of fabric making, so prominently encouraged by Mahatma Gandhi in India, in the early 1920s.) We need to take this manufacturing process to the next level.

We are involved in research to find and produce the most appropriate organic cotton suitable for our fabrics. We are developing all processes of cloth making, dyeing and processing, free of chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

We hope to set up an R & D centre to improve and develop the existing hand-spinning and -weaving tools & techniques and its testing methods to create various standardised grades of fabrics. Already, we are working with some of the well established organisations who have incorporated ‘lab testing’ into their production cycle. We are developing a grading system which will certify the MORALFIBRE ‘Stamp of Authenticity’ for different fabric types. We are working with designers experienced in working with these fabrics. In due course of time we wish to set up a design studio in order to develop different weaves and create different types of fabrics and clothing. Our aspiration is to set up a Centre of Archiving, Exhibitions and Training for all aspects of organic and sustainable fabric making, from the environmental and social point of view. We hope to include school children of all ages in these activities.
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