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The seeds of MORALFIBRE were planted during the 15 year long stay of Mrs. Shailini Sheth Amin, the founder & CEO of Moral Fibre in England. Her family background, social sensitivity and visionary outlook as an Architect and community catalyst played key role in bringing Shailini back home to Ahmadabad in Gujarat, India.

Mrs. Indumati Chimanlal, the late aunt and mentor of Shailini was a freedom fighter and an ardent supporter of Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas and programs for constructive development. Along with several educational and women’s welfare organizations, she had set up a chain of Khadi Shops and Shailini took a fresh look at these shops. She observed that there was a need to upgrade and re-invent Khadi as the most environmentally sustainable fabric and its varied uses. She realized that the lack of marketing orientation and technological obsolescence the major factors for the Khadi Shops becoming incapable of serving the economic interests of the poor Khadi producers.

Thanks to her international exposure, Shailini could see global potential in developing the next generation of hand spun hand woven fabrics. She was well aware of its uniqueness due to zero carbon foot-print and the power of ‘People’s Energy’ behind it. Shailini also visualized similar potential and strength of other ethical fabrics made of wool, silk and jute. She was well aware that there is a class of consumers who love the hand-spun, hand-woven ethical fabrics for their rich texture, versatility and wearability.

When these observations and insights were viewed in the context of growing worldwide concern for global warming and climate change: the need for reinventing ethical, eco-friendly fabricswas clear. The framework emerged for an institution devoted to the cause of income generation for the poor. This was the birth of Moral Fibre initiative in 2007 .

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