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Spa Range

To compliment the spirit of purity and tranquility of Yoga, meditation and natural healing of spa, MORALFIBRE brings in an exclusive range of Yoga and Spa wear.

The quality of this 100% cotton fabric guarantees a nice freshness in summer and a veil of warmth for the colder season.  The cotton threads of MORALFIBRE absorb moisture and perspiration and keep the body dry and cool.  The natural air pockets between the threads allow air circulation while the garment is worn which helps keeping the body odour free.

Do you know that generally the manufacturing and processing of the cloth and dyes use about 600 to 800 chemicals; many of them harmful to the body?  MORALFIBRE uses more of natural materials and minimum number of chemicals harmful to the body and the environment.  This special fabric is left untouched by bleach and starch as well which further reduces the chances of us suffering from allergies and illnesses caused by skin contact and fumes of the harmful substances from the clothing.  This also protects the health of the artisans working with MORALFIBRE.    

MORALFIBRE fabric does not use artificial energy in its making.  It is made and by the hands of several artisans.  In each thread there is life, sunlight, water and earth.  Each thread is worked several times by hands by different artisans.  Each thread brings a story of their lives, lives of their ancestors and food that nourishes them.  It is energised by hands. 

MORALFIBREF involves lots of ‘people energy' in its making. It gives work, dignity and enrichment to hundreds of skilled and unskilled people - most of them living in remote villages.

MORALFIBRE Yoga and Spa Wear range includes four classical styles


Sizes available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large. For Size chart, color range and other information please contact.
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