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  • General
    Hand spun and hand woven cotton fabric has an intrinsic quality and charm to it. It affords greater flexibility on smaller runs to experiment with weaves and dyes compared to the machine produced fabrics. Designing and stitching do create some challenges but we feel that the whole character and ethos of the finished product and its wearability make this range unique. We do have strict quality control testing to fairly exacting standards with state of the art lab equipment.
  • Limited Editions
    We consider this quality of fabric making its unique identity and can produce each run of fabric as a limited edition.
  • Time Frame
    We can produce the fabric, furnishing and garments specially for you to meet your specific requirements.  Apart from white and unbleached fabric for which we have ready stock, other fabric may take up to ten to twelve weeks for preparing and dispatch.  Please include this timeframe in your planning. 
  • Garment Designs
    The current designs have been created to demonstrate the quality and finishing available.  We design considering all age groups and their preferences. There is also considerable awareness about the socioeconomic factors that go with our clothes. There is an infinite possibility to amend the shown designs in length, sleeve sizes and fabric choices. All the enhancements such as embroidery and patchwork are entirely handcrafted.
  • Costing
    We have made every effort to offer the garments at very competitive rates. Our aim is to improve the economic and social condition of the people involved in the manufacturing of this fibre and would appreciate better margins for us to be able to achieve this. Being a social enterprise, we charge some percent of the total amount as an advance for larger order of more than Rs. 1,00,000. The price quoted by us is not inclusive of the cost of transport. We are happy to make the sample fabric for you before placing the final order at an additional cost of 15 - 20% of the actual cost.
  • Order Sizes
    The weaving and dying of this material does have certain economic criteria. The minimum fabric order in each style should be around 200 meters.  The minimum numbers per design should be aimed at 250 pieces to achieve the current pricing target. On lines where we can go higher, a further reduction in cost can be achieved.
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