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Unbleached & White

These high quality fabrics are hand spun, hand woven in greige and whites. These fabrics can also be made out of organic cotton.

Natural alternatives such as natural spinning oils that biodegrade easily are used to facilitate spinning; potato starch is used for sizing; hydrogen peroxide is used for bleaching. A good boiling wash removes the cotton wax, and the fibre retains its original characteristics
Sample Fabric Code Cotton type Warp count Weft count Greige fabric width Washed fabric width Finished fabric width
solid-white-collection-fabric_small MFT1 Suvin 2/200s 2/200s 40" 38" 36"
solid-white-collection-fabric_small MFT60 DCH 2/120s 2/120s 40" 38" 36"
solid-white-collection-fabric_small MFT40 DCH 2/80s 2/80s 40" 38" 36"
solid-white-collection-fabric_small MFT31 Shankar 2/60s 2/60s 60" 57" 52"
solid-white-collection-fabric_small MFT30 Shankar 2/60s 2/60s 40" 38" 36"
solid-white-collection-fabric_small MFT20 Shankar 2/40s 2/40s 34" 32" 30"
solid-white-collection-fabric_small MFS25 Shankar 80s 80s 52" 50" 45"
solid-white-collection-fabric_small MFB55 Shankar 46s 46s 52" 50" 45"
solid-white-collection-fabric_small MFS1 Shankar 100s 100s 52" 50" 45"
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