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Fabric properties & Wash Care

All of our products are hand spun; hand woven and hand crafted using natural fibers. The subtle variations in color, texture and finish are the signature of the human hand. We use both vegetable dyes and commercial dyes so as to minimize the impact on the environment while offering the best color properties.

Please follow the care suggestions and information below to extend the life of the fabrics/products even further.

Fabric care: Cotton


Hand spun, hand woven cotton fabric has an added value of being cooler, softer, more absorbent. It breathes better than machine made cotton fabric. It has a textural beauty and visible character which is not present in machine made fabric.

To ensure uniform dye penetration and to remove the dust particles, cotton yarn and then fabric is washed several times. Depending on this, the shrinkage ranges from 10-12% for fabrics.

The cotton fabric is very simple to wash. It gets softer and more absorbent with every wash.
• Machine wash cold on gentle cycle.
• Wash items with like colors and turn your clothes inside out, especially dark colors.
• Wash reds and blues separately the first few times.
• If you choose to use bleach, use non-chlorine bleach which is less harsh on your fabrics and on the environment.
• Tumble dry low heat. Remove items promptly from dryer, preferably when still damp.

• Press with a warm to hot iron while damp. If the item has dried, use a spray bottle to dampen the fabric. Fabric care: Silk


We use several varieties of silk which are hand spun, hand woven and home grown in India without the use of harsh chemicals. The luster, texture and softness of the handle varies from type of silk. The Silk fabric needs to be treated gently during laundering as it loses it strength while wet.

• Gentle wash
• If you choose to hand wash, follow these instructions:
• Hand wash cold with a gentle liquid soap
• Wash dark colors separately
• Avoid bleaching
• Line dry in shade; prolonged exposure to sun can cause fading
• If you gentle wash, do not store item in plastic bag because silk needs to breathe

• Use a warm iron if needed Fabric care: Wool

The scaly-fiber has many brilliant properties, such as resistance to wetting. It is also good at absorbing perspiration and insulating the skin. Wool has great elasticity and is the most crease resistant of all natural fibers.

Wool fibers are covered with tiny scales which causes shrinkage when wet. To avoid it, wool must be very carefully cleaned.


• We recommend Gentle wash only
• If you choose to hand wash your wool, avoid agitation which causes the scales on the fibers to interlock. Wool is very elastic, so avoid stretching the fabric when wet.
• If you gentle wash, do not store item in plastic bag because wool needs to breathe


Wool is the most crease resistant of all natural fibers. If you need to remove any wrinkles, you can press the item with a damp cloth and use a steam iron. You can also try hanging the item in the steam from a hot shower.
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