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MORALFIBRE brand stands for Clothing with a Conscience.  By using human energies, it has less  negative impact on the environment.  Eco-friendly and socio-economically sustainable, MORALFIBRE provides work in a fair way to thousands of skilled and unskilled people. 

If your organization, company or charities you support embrace sustainability and reducing carbon footprint as one of their core values you should talk to us.  You may find a synergy with the products we have.  

You may find out products interesting if you are involved with

  • eco hotels, spas and health clubs. 
  • furnishings, coverings,
  • uniforms  
  • allergy free childern’s clothing and accessories.
  • Bed linen, table linen, bath linen

We work closely with interior designers, wholesalers and boutiques. Fashion designers use our fabrics to create a unique and beautiful range of clothing, shirts, tops, skirts, dresses, children’s clothing etc., including exclusive 'Limited Edition' lines.

Those who care about the how they look as well as about the world they live in are our potential buyers, supporters and advocates.  They are the ones who enjoy new challenges and make a difference.  

You can see our products in some countries on request. Please give us a call or email us for further information. Request a sample pack to see these beautiful fabrics for yourself. 


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