Awards and Contributions
  • March 2019, MORALFIBRE received Leadership Award from CO – Common Objective, London, UK; Connecting sustainable fashion business professionals worldwide
  • 9th Feb 2019, Received Sambhavaa 2018-2019, Women Entrepreneur Achievement Award from FICCI-FLO, (Federation of Indian Commerce and Industry, Ladies Organization) on International Women’s Day.
  • 19th Jan 2019 Launch of Sahonnati Foundation: Sahonnati Foundation is set up to promote sustainable textiles, circularity and help reviving ethical and humane practices in clothing and in life.
  • 18th – 19th Jan 2019, Organized A W A : E K 2 India: A two days International Event to have Idea-focused discussions and share experiences on a range of subjects under sustainability in textiles, circularity, to foster inspiration, learning and encourage conversations that matter. One full day was dedicated to learn some ingenious ways of fabric making and clothes making, to turn us from consumers to creator of fabrics and clothes!
    This event was for all of us who care about how we look and live as well as about people & the planet.
  • Oct 2018: Contributed and featured in All India Special Prog. on Khadi by Doordarshan National – Khadi Vastra Nahi Vichardhara; Special Prog. Part 1 and 2.
    Watch Video Part 1
    Watch Video Part 2
  • 24th Nov 2017: Organized a full day event A W A: E K – A Way Ahead Ethical Khadi at Fashion & Textile Museum, London.
    ‘Today the fast fashion global industry that is destroying the planet and the people has to move away from its currant practices and we have to change our attitudes too! The Ethical Khadi way, in its evolved form has a great potential of transforming the textile and fashion industry internationally into Clothing People by the People Without Costing the Earth! ‘
  • 29th Sept. 2017: Helped organizing and participated in an important Workshop: REVIVAL OF KHADI SUMMIT – REVOLUTIONISE KHADI AND SUPPORT RURAL, GRASSROOTS ECONOMY. The movement has started in the early part of 2017. Many of us independently and jointly have expressed the need to upgrade Khadi-making technology to make a better quality fabrics production and expand it at rural level at a large scale to give more work opportunity to people and artisan in villages. Over sixty experts from Khadi and textile related fields with a passion to re-invent Khadi participated.
  • 18th Nov 2015: Shailini was given Swayamsiddha award by GCCI Women’s Wing for her contribution to Art. Coverage in Times of India, Divyabhaskar – GUJARATI
  • On World Environment Day, ETV Gujarati presented MORALFIBRE and Shailini as one of the Green Heroes of Gujarat.
  • In Feb 2015, MORALFIBRE won an innovation award at the first ‘Sustainability event 2020’, organized by IAM (Institute of Apparel Management), India. This was to recognize the legends, designers, veterans and eminent professional in the fashion industry who has done tremendous work in the area of sustainable fashion across decades, who have outstanding contribution to crafts of India or to the fashion industry at large.
  • From 2015 onwards: MORALFIBRE is a collaborator with Women on Wings. Together with its business partners Women on Wings, a Dutch, Indian charity aims to create one million jobs for women in rural India. A job means an income, economic autonomy and an escape from the cycle of poverty. WoW and MORALFIBRE have joined hands ‘WoW supports MORALFIBRE in the growth of its business, which ultimately results in more jobs for women.
  • MORALFIBRE has many national and international buyers. They include Merchant & Mills, Offset Warehouse (UK), Le Souk (US), Figue (US), Ishana (India), CGH (India), Hopkins (UK), Indigo Bazaar Australia), Earth Group to mention a few. MORALFIBRE has supplied costume fabrics for three high powered Hollywood films: Warner Bros. PAN, Walt Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and Warner Bros. HARRY POTTER – THE PREQUEL.
  • In 2014, October, KHADIUTSAV Ahmedabad, Pavilion – concept / design / presentation ‘RE-INVENTING KHADI’ at Vibrant Gujarat events. ‘ONE OF THE MOST THOUGHT PROVOKING PAVILIONS AT KHADIUTSAV – 2014!’
  • ShailiniSheth Amin, one of the prominent contributors to the revival and re-invention of Khadi movement, was invited to design/set up the pavilion. The presentation is made in seven different panels describing different aspects of Khadi fabric, people’s perception of Khadi, its manufacturing and in a new context how meaningful and relevant Khadi textile production is even today. This is made with many new thoughts and ideas, new research and experience based fresh data / information as well as making concrete suggestions about ways of moving forward. The panels include information on
  • In 2014, 15th August, India Today mentioned her as ‘One of the Change Makers of New India’.
  • In 2012 Business Outlook mentioned MORALFIBRE as one of the top 25 – impactful – Social Enterprises of India.
  • MORALFIBRE is a Member of Fair Trade Forum India, a part of Fair Trade Asia and WFTO. ShailiniSheth Amin is an ardent supporter and spokesperson of Fair Trade movement since then.
  • In 2011, ShailiniSheth Amin was made a Fellow of Ethical Fashion Forum, London, UK. This is offered to her for her pioneering work in promoting Sustainability and Ethical Values in textile industry in India and Abroad. The message from Ethical Fashion Forum sent to her states that, ‘We are very aware of your wonderful work. The Fellowship panel has decided it is clear that you are a true industry pioneer and exactly what the EFF are looking for. Therefore we would be delighted to offer you the invitation to join the Fellowship.’
  • MORALFIBRE worked on project ‘Skill Development Programme for hand-operated spinners, weavers and other artisans for eco-responsible and ‘Almost carbon neutral fabric making technology’, offered by MINISTRY OF TEXTILE, NEW DELHI. It was undertaken in partnership with ATIRA (AHMEDABAD TEXTILE INDUSTRY RESEARCH ASSOCIATION). Under this programme, refresher training and new training were provided to about 1000 hand spinners and weavers every year with an aim to upgrade skills of 5000 artisans in the next 5 years.
  • In 2011, Market Research Project under ‘The Forum for Industry Interaction (FII)’ a consulting body at Indian Institute of Management- Ahmedabad(IIMA). With this project developed, the marketing strategies for promoting sustainable and ‘almost carbon neutral fabrics’ in various market segments in India.
  • MORALFIBRE was shortlisted as ‘Innovative Ethical Business’ for an international award by prestigious Ethical Fashion Forum, London, UK.