Our Story

With a belief of ‘Cradle to Cradle‘ approach of living, MORALFIBRE is set to source the world with socio-economically sustainable fabric and clothing range made from natural materials like cotton, silk and wool, to the highest specifications and quality.

MORALFIBRE brand stands for Clothing with a Conscience.  By using human energies, it has less negative impact on the environment.  Eco-friendly and socio-economically sustainable, MORALFIBRE provides work in a fair way to thousands of skilled and unskilled people.

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Yarn Dying


MORALFIBRE label of fabrics and clothing is set up to ‘promote and sell’ the, locally and globally in home and health markets.

With women taking the center stage in developing our fabric range, we strongly insist using human energy instead of electricity. Our production is inherently people intensive as we work with small organizations based in remote villages.

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The Craft

MORALFIBRE works to re-invent and promote the age old hand crafted fabrics – Khadi, which is unique to India and a significant part of world textile history. The fabrics are produced by co-operatives based in small villages by thousands of hand spinners and hand weavers. MORALFIBRE has helped generating livelihood support to over 2500 artisans in Gujarat. We are member of Fair Trade Forum, India – a part of WFTO – World Fair Trade Organization. Today with growing concerns about global warming, climate change and need to support human dignity of workers, this is a unique way of fabric making, clean energy and sustainable initiative.

Organizational Inputs

Improving quality of this age old hand crafted fabrics production is one of the primary milestones of this initiative. Better quality, well-specified and classified production would make these fabrics stand in any national and international textile markets. With this in mind, MORALFIBRE along with ATRIRA is working on ‘Skill Development Project for Hand Spinners and Hand Weavers’ under Ministry of Textile ‘integrated Skill Development Programme’. The aim is to give re-fresher and fresher’s training to 5000 skilled and non-skilled workers in the next five years.

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