Our garments are not sold as B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to clients),

They are sold H2H (human to human).”

– Jo Salter, WDICF


Fabrics curation, production, processing finishing

Extensive selection of cotton fabrics, some organic cotton fabrics, silk, Peace silk and blends
MORALFIBRE specializes in dyed, yarn dyed, hand block as well as hand screen printing and digital printing in Azo free and natural dyes.
Fabrics are available in unwashed, RFD, ROP, half bleached or full bleach categories.


Fabric sourcing

We are a one stop shop.

We provide sourcing service for fabrics that are not in our range.

Clothing / apparel / fashion

Work from specs and tech-pack as well as offer full design service

MORALFIBRE has facilities of bespoke dying, printing, finishing, tailoring labelling, tagging. Along with fabrics, all necessary services for textiles design – pattern making, sampling, grading, development, embellishment and clothing/ fashion production.

Surface Embellishments

Along with printing many kinds of hand and machine embroidery, Zardozi work in gold and silver, patchwork, tassels etc. are designed and produced as surface embellishment

Production service

We have a small to medium production volume in each design.

We have a ‘limited edition’ concept. We use Progressive Bundle Method to utilize the skills and experience of each tailor as opposed to the Modular System where the worker becomes a robot and would lose the tailoring skills soon. For our buyers, we offer both CMT (cut, make, trim) and FPP (full production package) services. Our garments are stitched by small tailoring units, not at factories.


Design to upcycle, equitable creative manufacturing without costing the earth.

Fabric and clothing is not cheap. It is a very valuable asset that is produced by farming acres of land, watered by rain and irrigation systems and it is made using lots of natural and human – farmers and artisan’s resources.


Return the packing and get paid!

Packaging is done in recycled cardboard boxes. Sometimes plastic sleeves are used to protect a piece of garment or fabric from moisture.
For smaller Indian orders, we have a collaboration with Recycle Green for recycling the packaging. We pack the order in a plastic envelope and request our buyers to return the packaging for recycling to www.recycle.green and get paid.

Gujarat and Ahmedabad have been at the heart of fabric making crafts for generations. From yarn to final production is done by very talented and trusted master craftsmen units. MORALFIBRE does not own a single production unit but actively capacity build them.


Communication & Education

MORALFIBRE is at the forefront of promoting environmental and social sustainability, transparency as well as circularity in Indian textiles and clothing to businesses and students. We believe that ‘Khadi’ and ‘Khadi Way of Life’ – which is a value /ethics based proposition – is a move forward in bringing back ethical and humane values, not only in supply chain but also in connecting with our meaningful life cycle.