B2B and wholesale is at the core of MORALFIBRE proposition. Underpinned by SUSTAINABILITY, TRANSPARANCY CIRCULARITY, MEETING MANY SDG GOALS. We work on orders, we curate, we collaborate, we co-create. Multiple buyers based in India, UK, US, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Netherland, Sweden, Portugal, Singapore, Myanmar, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, 

Kenya, Tanzania and may other countries.
We are open to supply to more people and more places!

MORALFIBRE holds KHADI MARK from Khadi & Village Industry Commission – KVIC and it is a registered member of Fair Trade Forum, India, a part of WFTO. We help supporting over 2500 artisans / workers – mainly women living in remote villages – offering a life of dignity

MORALFIBRE fabrics are made without the use of electricity. They are mostly hand spun, hand woven – powered by peoples’ energy of the artisans or by Solar Energy. The production is locally based in remote villages to reduce transport miles. The fabrics are almost carbon neutral.

Buyers we cater to


Furnishing Materials And Products Designers

Clubs And Resorts And Spas

Centers Hotels



Industrial And Educational Institution

Full Set Of Sample Swatches Are Available

  • Full range of sample swatches are available.
  • Please give your full contact details including your telephone/Mobile number.
  • You can buy them safely with PayPal or make small bank payment.
  • Of course, this money would be refunded when you place your first order with us!
  • Sample swatches may be sent according to the possible availability of

We believe that fabric and clothing is not cheap

It is a very valuable asset that is produced by farming acres of land, watered by irrigation systems and it is made using lots of natural and environmental and human – farmers and artisans resources. We must respect and use every inch of fabric and a piece of clothing till it lasts. More importantly, we should be thankful to really have a privilege of using it. When you have decided to no more wear / use the product you purchased from us, we request you to be responsible about it.

  • You can mend it, repurpose it or up-cycle it.
  • You can pass it on to someone who would use it.
  • You can return it to us
  • As a last resort you can discard it and be comfortable of the fact that these fabrics are totally
  • biodegradable.

We have three sets of Fabric Swatches