1) MORALFIBRE checks fabric is 100% cotton handspiun handwoven white & yarn dyed in natural madder red. suitable for shirt, dresses, kurtas for summer and all year I. Material -100% cotton, count 37s, I Color – yarn dyed with natural madder I. Product specification – 1 piece = 1 meters. Minor irregularities is the uniqueness of this product and its story I. Width – 45 inches/115 cm, gsm – 125 I Why choose this? By choosing to own this you gain ESV (Environmental Saving Value) I Ethos: 100% natural & biodegradable, artisanal, supports Sacred Economy, I Accreditations: KVIC khadi Mark, Fair Trade, meets SDG Goals 1, 8, 12, 13, almost carbon neutral, I Wash-care: Wash at below 30 deg c. do not bleach, wash dark and light colours separately, dry in shade. I Delivery: Generally, reaches within 10 to 12 working days 2) epi – 52, ppi – 44 I. Finish – natural yarn dyed, soft finish I Weave – plain I. Technique – sliver – from KVIC, spun – amber charkha, yarn dyed – natural Indigo, woven – paddle loom I. Made by – artisans from Saurashtra, Gujarat

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