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MORALFIBRE – ANTI-MICROBIAL – ERI SILK MASK – Pack of 3 RUST, PEACH AND GOLD COLOUR ThIs speciality silk, which is reared without killing the silkworm, is also known as ‘Ahimsa’or Peace silk. Most silk harvesting requires the silkworms to be killed while they are still in their cocoon. Ahimsa silk is a method of non-violent silk breeding and harvesting. No animals die for the silk to be produced, making it a favourable alternative to normal silk for those who respect all life-forms equally. Owing to this method, ERI silk is 100% anti-microbial, offering superior comfort and premium feel to your skin, making it a bliss to wear. These well fitting masks are designed to stay away from the eyes so it stops from gathering mist on eye glasses. Ideal for everyday wear with comfortabke elastic loops. These are 2-layered washable masks. Wearing two masks together gives extra protection. They are washable, re-usable and biodegradable.

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Why choose this? By choosing to own this you gain ESV (Environmental Saving Value)

Ethos: 100% natural & biodegradable, artisanal, supports Sacred Economy,

Accreditations: Fair Trade, meets SDG Goals 1, 8, 12, 13, almost carbon neutral,

Delivery: Generally, reaches within 10 to 12 working day

Handmade & breathable 100% natural peace silk fabric, ideal for everyday wear. Multi-layered washable fabric face mask with elastic ties.

Made by women artisans. Fair Trade.


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