A Magical Celebration: Transforming Dolls into a Fairy’s Garden at Hyatt Regency, Ahmedabad

In the heart of Ahmedabad at Hyatt Regency on Ashram Road, Moral Fibre unwrapped the spirit of Christmas and New Year in an extraordinary way. The air was filled with enchantment as a simple tree of dolls underwent a magical transformation, turning into a Fairy’s Garden that captivated the hearts of all who witnessed it. What made this spectacle even more special was the story behind each fairy-doll. Crafted from biodegradable material and repurposed unused sarees, these dolls carried with them the heartwarming narrative of women from self-help groups earning their livelihoods. It was more than just a festive display; it was a celebration of sustainability, creativity, and the empowerment of women. This Christmas and New Year, as we immerse ourselves in the joy of the season, let’s also revel in the beauty of sustainable celebrations. Moral Fibre’s initiative at Hyatt Regency serves as a reminder that every decoration, every sparkle, can carry a meaningful story and contribute to a brighter, more empowering future. So, here’s to a festive season filled with magic, purpose, and the warmth of a community coming together for a cause.✨🎄