Preserving Heritage: Our Involvement in the Hamari Virasat Event, Sharing the Constitution and Khadi Story

At the heart of our commitment to heritage and cultural preservation, we are thrilled to participate in the upcoming Hamari Virasat event. This meaningful occasion provides us with a platform to share two cornerstones of our identity – the Constitution and the Khadi story. As we proudly showcase the Constitution, we aim to emphasize the values and principles that have shaped our nation. It’s a celebration of our shared history, diversity, and the guiding principles that continue to unite us. Simultaneously, our engagement in sharing the Khadi story is a homage to a fabric that goes beyond clothing; it represents a symbol of self-reliance, sustainability, and the spirit of India’s independence movement. By weaving together threads of tradition and innovation, we hope to inspire a deeper appreciation for our cultural legacy. Our participation in the Hamari Virasat event is not just about showcasing artifacts; it’s a commitment to preserving and passing on the rich tapestry of our heritage to the generations to come. Join us on this journey of heritage, as we contribute our part to the collective narrative that defines our cultural identity.